High-spin states in S 35

S. Go, E. Ideguchi, R. Yokoyama, N. Aoi, F. Azaiez, K. Furutaka, Y. Hatsukawa, A. Kimura, K. Kisamori, M. Kobayashi, F. Kitatani, M. Koizumi, H. Harada, I. Matea, S. Michimasa, H. Miya, S. Nakamura, M. Niikura, H. Nishibata, N. ShimizuS. Shimoura, T. Shizuma, M. Sugawara, D. Suzuki, M. Takaki, Y. Toh, Y. Utsuno, D. Verney, A. Yagi

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Excited states in S35 were investigated by in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy using the Mg26(O18,2α1n) fusion-evaporation reaction. The deexciting γ rays were measured with germanium detector arrays along with the measurement of evaporated charged particles in a 4π-segmented Si detector array. The level scheme was extended up to 12.47 MeV. The obtained level structure is compared with the large-scale shell-model calculations. The possibility of isoscalar-pair excited states is discussed for J=(17/2) states with comparison between the experimental and theoretical results.

ジャーナルPhysical Review C
出版ステータス出版済み - 3 2021

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  • 核物理学および高エネルギー物理学


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