High throughput SiC wafer polishing with good surface morphology

Tomohisa Kato, Keisuke Wada, Eiji Hozomi, Hiroyoshi Taniguchi, Tomonori Miura, Shin Ichi Nishizawa, Kazuo Arai

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We report SiC wafer polishing study to achieve high throughput with extremely flat, smooth and damageless surface. The polishing consists of three process, wafer grinding, lapping and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), which are completed in shortest about 200 minutes in total for 2 inch wafer. Specimens of 4H- and 6H-SiC were provided from slicing single crystal as wafers oriented (0001) with 0 or 8 degrees offset angle toward to 〈1120〉. By the first grinding using a diamond whetstone wheel, we realized flat surface on the wafers with small TTV error of 1 μm in 15 minutes. After second process of lapping, the wafers were finished by CMP using colloidal silica slurry. AFM observation showed not only scratch-free surface but also atomic steps on the wafers after CMP. Rms marks extremely flat value of 0.08 nm in 10 μm square area.

ジャーナルMaterials Science Forum
出版物ステータス出版済み - 12 1 2007
イベント6th European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials, ECSCRM 2006 - Newcastle upon Tyne, 英国
継続期間: 9 3 20069 7 2007


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Kato, T., Wada, K., Hozomi, E., Taniguchi, H., Miura, T., Nishizawa, S. I., & Arai, K. (2007). High throughput SiC wafer polishing with good surface morphology. Materials Science Forum, 556-557, 753-756.