Honeycomb-like perovskite oxide electrocatalyst for a hybrid Li-air battery

Young Wan Ju, Seonyoung Yoo, Limin Guo, Changmin Kim, Atsushi Inoishi, Hu Young Jeong, Jeeyoung Shin, Tatsumi Ishihara, Sung Dae Yim, Guntae Kim

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    Honeycomb-like Nd0.7Sr0.3CoO3-δ has been successfully prepared with a PMMA hard-template for an energy storage system and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and nitrogen adsorption-desorption measurements. The prepared 3-dimensionally (3-D) ordered mesoporous Nd0.7Sr0.3CoO3-δ(3DOM-NSC) has a well-developed mesoporous structure and has high specific surface area (22.0 m2 g-1). The catalytic activity for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in 0.1 M KOH solution has been studied by using a rotating-ring-disk electrode (RRDE). In the ORR test, a limiting current density of 5.83 mA cm-2 at 0.7 V (vs. Hg/HgO) with 1600 rpm was obtained, a value comparable with that of Pt/C. Moreover, the ORR mainly favors a direct four-electron pathway. Consequently, the high electrocatalytic activity and mesoporous structure result in stable, excellent performance in a hybrid Li-air cell.

    ジャーナルJournal of the Electrochemical Society
    出版ステータス出版済み - 2015

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