Hysteresis and Domain Behaviors Analysis of High Purity Fe-(5, 6) wt% Si Alloys

Zhe Lei, Takuro Horiuchi, Iwao Sasaki, Chikara Kaido, Horibe Yochi, Satoshi Hata, Toshifumi Ogawa, Hidenori Era

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We investigated the improvement in magnetic properties of high-purity Fe-(5, 6) wt% Si formed by cold crucible levitation melting. The results showed that Fe-6 wt% Si alloy has a smaller coercivity than Fe-5 wt% Si. The hysteresis loss of both alloys increases linearly and slightly with maximum magnetization, and increases significantly after a certain maximum magnetization. Additionally, demagnetized domain structure and domain wall motion in both samples was studied by means of Lorentz microscopy. The results indicated that the domain wall motion of Fe-6 wt% Si can be activated in lower external fields and displaces more rapidly than Fe-5 wt% Si. Moreover, the displacement of domain walls that penetrate symmetrical grain boundaries and dislocations in Fe-6 wt% Si was analyzed. The boundaries and dislocations have no pinning effect on domain wall motion.

ジャーナルPhysics Procedia
出版ステータス出版済み - 2015
イベント20th International Conference on Magnetism, ICM 2015 - Barcelona, スペイン
継続期間: 7月 5 20157月 10 2015

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