Illusory recouplings of onsets and terminations of glide tone components

Yoshitaka Nakajima, Takayuki Sasaki, Kyoko Kanafuka, Atsuko Miyamoto, Ger Remijn, Gert Ten Hoopen

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We present a new auditory illusion, the gap transfer illusion, supported by phenomenological and psychophysical data. In a typical situation, an ascending frequency glide of 2,500 msec with a temporal gap of 100 msec in the middle and a continuously descending frequency glide of 500 msec cross each other at their central positions. These glides move at the same constant speed in logarithmic frequency in opposite directions. The temporal gap in the long glide is perceived as if it were in the short glide. The same kind of subjective transfer of a temporal gap can take place also when the stimulus pattern is reversed in time. This phenomenon suggests that onsets and terminations of glide components behave as if they were independent perceptual elements. We also find that when two long frequency glides are presented successively with a short temporal overlap, a long glide tone covering the whole duration of the pattern and a short tone around the temporal middle can be perceived. To account for these results, we propose an event construction model, in which perceptual onsets and terminations are coupled to construct auditory events and the proximity principle connects these elements.

ジャーナルPerception and Psychophysics
出版ステータス出版済み - 10 2000

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