Imaging spectrum of renal oncocytomas: a pictorial review with pathologic correlation

Kousei Ishigami, Aaron R. Jones, Laila Dahmoush, Leandro V. Leite, Marius G. Pakalniskis, Thomas J. Barloon

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Objectives: The purpose of this pictorial review is to present the imaging spectrum of renal oncocytomas with radiological-pathological correlation.

Conclusion: The differences in tumour cellularity (high cellularity or low cellularity with abundant stroma) and haemorrhagic/cystic change contribute to a wide spectrum of imaging findings of renal oncocytomas. Imaging findings substantially overlap those of common subtypes of clear cell and non-clear cell renal cell carcinomas. Multifocal renal oncocytomas are not rare, and making the diagnosis of oncocytoma with concomitant renal cell carcinoma is difficult. In addition, renal oncocytomas that demonstrate interval growth or develop in the setting of end-stage renal disease may be mistaken for malignancy.

Teaching Points: • High cellular components demonstrate avid arterial enhancement and subsequent washout.

• Low cellular components demonstrate gradual subsequent enhancement owing to abundant stroma.

• Cystic and hemorrhagic changes may account for lesion heterogeneity in the delayed phase.

• Multifocal oncocytomas and oncocytomas coexisting with renal cell carcinoma are not rare.

• Renal oncocytomas may demonstrate interval growth.

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