Improvement of endurance based on muscle fiber-type composition by treatment with dietary apple polyphenols in rats

Wataru Mizunoya, Hideo Miyahara, Shinpei Okamoto, Mariko Akahoshi, Takahiro Suzuki, Mai Khoi Q. Do, Hideaki Ohtsubo, Yusuke Komiya, Mu Lan, Toshiaki Waga, Akira Iwata, Koichi Nakazato, Yoshihide Ikeuchi, Judy E. Anderson, Ryuichi Tatsumi

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌査読

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A recent study demonstrated a positive effect of apple polyphenol (APP) intake on muscle endurance of young-adult animals. While an enhancement of lipid metabolism may be responsible, in part, for the improvement, the contributing mechanisms still need clarification. Here we show that an 8-week intake of 5% (w/w) APP in the diet, up-regulates two features related to fiber type: the ratio of myosin heavy chain (MyHC) type IIx/IIb and myoglobin protein expression in plantaris muscle of 9-week-old male Fischer F344 rats compared to pair-fed controls (P < 0.05). Results were demonstrated by our SDS-PAGE system specialized for MyHC isoform separation and western blotting of whole muscles. Animalgrowth profiles (food intake, body-weight gain, and internal-organ weights) did not differ between the control and 5% APP-fed animals (n = 9/group). Findings may account for the increase in fatigue resistance of lower hind limb muscles, as evidenced by a slower decline in the maximum isometric planter-flexion torque generated by a 100-s train of electrical stimulation of the tibial nerve. Additionally, the fatigue resistance was lower after 8 weeks of a 0.5% APP diet than after 5% APP, supporting an APP-dose dependency of the shift in fibertype composition. Therefore, the present study highlights a promising contribution of dietary APP intake to increasing endurance based on fiber-type composition in rat muscle. Results may help in developing a novel strategy for application in animal sciences, and human sports and age-related health sciences.

ジャーナルPloS one
出版ステータス出版済み - 7月 29 2015

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