In-situ strengths of various coarse intermetallic particles in wrought aluminum alloys

Hiroyuki Toda, Toshiro Kobayashi

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Al-Mg-Si, Al-Fe-Si and Al-Fe model alloys are cast at three different cooling rates. In-situ SEM observation of tensile tests has been used to characterize the strength levels of various coarse intermetallic compound (IMC) particles such as Mg2Si, AlmFenSip and AlmFe which are usually observed in practical aluminum alloys. Particular attention is given to the chemical composition, size and aspect ratio of each broken panicle. AlFeSi particles close to Al8Fe2Si 1 and Al10Fe3Si3 are formed by metal mold and Graphite mold castings, respectively and AlFeSi panicles having various composition ratios are formed by furnace cooling, which are transformed into AlFe3 by subsequently being exposed at 858 K. Almost all of the AlFeSi particles formed during the metal and Graphite mold castings remain intact, while Mg2Si, AlmFe and other AlFeSi panicles are damaged extensively. In-situ strength levels of the damaged particles are also estimated utilizing Eshelby inclusion method.

ジャーナルMaterials Science Forum
出版ステータス出版済み - 1月 1 2002
イベントAluminium Alloys 2002 Their Physical and Mechnaical Properties: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference ICAA8 - Cambridge, 英国
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