Intratumoral lymphangiogenesis and prognostic significance of VEGFC expression in gastric cancer

Keisuke Ikeda, Eiji Oki, Hiroshi Saeki, Koji Ando, Masaru Morita, Yoshinao Oda, Masakazu Imamura, Yoshiniro Kakeji, Yoshihiko Maehara

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Aim: Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGFC) is thought to promote lymphangiogenesis in various human cancer tissues. Materials and Methods: The present study analyzed data from 72 patients with gastric cancer. The lymphatic vessel density (LVD) was determined by immunohistochemical staining using a monoclonal antibody (mAb) against D2-40, and the expression of VEGFC was investigated using a mAb against VEGFC. Results: The intratumoral LVD was higher in cases with nodal metastasis. The VEGFC-positive cases had a higher intratumoral LVD and were more invasive to the lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes than negative cases. Patients with VEGFC-positive cancer had significantly lower survival than those with negative cancer (p<0.05). Conclusion: The expression of VEGFC was related to intratumoral lymph angiogenesis and serves as a pertinent predictive factor for lymphatic invasion or metastasis, while also providing prognostic value.

ジャーナルAnticancer research
出版ステータス出版済み - 8 1 2014

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