Kindlin-2 expression in peritumoral stroma is associated with poor prognosis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Prawej Mahawithitwong, Kenoki Ohuchida, Naoki Ikenaga, Hayato Fujita, Ming Zhao, Shingo Kozono, Koji Shindo, Takao Ohtsuka, Kazuhiro Mizumoto, Masao Tanaka

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OBJECTIVES: Kindlin-2 is a novel focal adhesion protein reported to be expressed in breast, lung, and gastric cancers. This study aimed to investigate the significance of kindlin-2 expression in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas (PDACs). METHODS: We performed immunohistochemical analysis on kindlin-2 on PDAC samples from 95 patients. We investigated the association between kindlin-2 expression and clinicopathological parameters of PDAC and the survival time of patients with PDAC who underwent pancreatectomy. RESULTS: Kindlin-2 was highly expressed in the peritumoral stroma of PDACs. Stromal kindlin-2 expression was related to nodal metastasis (P = 0.03). Univariate analysis showed that patients with positive kindlin-2 expression had significantly shorter survival times than those with negative kindlin-2 expression (P = 0.01). In addition, multivariate analysis revealed that kindlin-2 expression was an independent factor of poor prognosis in patients with PDAC after R0 resection (RR = 2.15; P = 0.04). CONCLUSIONS: Kindlin-2 expression in stromal components is significantly associated with poor prognosis of patients with PDAC, suggesting that kindlin-2 is a prognostic marker for patients with PDAC.

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