Laminar-Flow Heat Transfer within Parallel-Plate Channel with Staggered Baffles

Jun Fukai, Osamu Miyatake

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Laminar-flow heat transfer within two parallel plates to which baffles are attached in a staggered fashion is numerically analyzed. Both of the plates are assumed to be maintained at a constant temperature, while the baffles are respectively perfectly conductive and adiabatic. The computations are carried out for various geometric configurations and various values of Reynolds number, Re, and Prandtl number, Pr. Though the logarithmic mean heat transfer coefficient, [formula omitted], generally increases with increase in the height of baffles, Re and Pr and with decrease of the distance between baffles, there are the following exceptions. 1. [formula omitted] approaches an asymptotic value at low values of Re for each configuration when the baffles are perfectly conductive. 2. Almost the same value of [formula omitted] is obtained for a given configuration even if the height of the baffles is different. 3. [formula omitted] increases with incriase of distance between baffles when the baffles are low in height and Pr is large.

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