Large-scale synthesis of NbS2 nanosheets with controlled orientation on graphene by ambient pressure CVD

Wanyin Ge, Kenji Kawahara, Masaharu Tsuji, Hiroki Ago

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    We report ambient pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth of single-crystalline NbS2 nanosheets with controlled orientation. On Si and SiO2 substrates, NbS2 nanosheets grow almost perpendicular to the substrate surface. However, when we apply transferred CVD graphene on SiO2 as a substrate, NbS2 sheets grow laterally lying on the graphene. The NbS2 sheets show the triangular and hexagonal shapes with a thickness of about 20-200 nm and several micrometres in the lateral dimension. Analyses based on X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy indicate that the NbS2 nanosheets are single crystalline 3R-type with a rhombohedral structure of R3m space group. Our findings on the formation of highly aligned NbS2 nanosheets on graphene give new insight into the formation mechanism of NbS2 and would contribute to the templated growth of various layered materials.

    出版ステータス出版済み - 7 5 2013

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