Learning analytics of the relationships among self-regulated learning, learning behaviors, and learning performance

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This research aims to investigate the relationship between self-regulated learning awareness, learning behaviors, and learning performance in ubiquitous learning environments. In order to conduct this research, psychometric data about self-regulated learning and log data, such as slide pages that learners read, marker, and annotate, was collected. The accessing activity of device types that stored the learning management system was collected and analyzed by applying path analysis and correlation analysis using data divided into high and low performers. The results indicated that the slide pages which learners read for a duration of between 240 and 299 s had positive effects on the promotion of annotation and the learning performance directly, and albeit indirectly, the enhancement of self-efficacy was affected by other self-regulated learning factors. The results of the correlation analysis indicated that self-efficacy and test anxiety are a key factor that has different effects on the number of the read slide pages in both high and low performers.

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