Long tube for obstructing left-sided colon cancer

Yosuke Adachi, Keishi Okita, Tadahiro Nozoe, Yasunori Iso, Rinken Yoh, Takashi Matsumata

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿簡易調査査読

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Background: Obstructing left-sided colon cancer is now managed by immediate resection and primary anastomosis using intraoperative mechanical bowel irrigation. The aim of this study was to describe our new technique using a long tube for preoperative bowel decompression and intraoperative antegrade irrigation. Methods: A long nasointestinal tube was inserted and a balloon was inflated with distilled water. The tube gradually went forward to the ileum end by peristalsis, and the small intestine became fully decompressed. At operation, antegrade colonic irrigation with warm saline was performed through this long tube without insertion of a Foley catheter. Results: Immediate colonic resection and primary end-to-end anastomosis using layer-to-layer interrupted sutures was successfully performed in 4 patients with obstructing sigmoid colon cancer. Conclusions: This method avoids opening and closure of the cecum or ileum, and minimizes bacterial contamination. The technique is simple and easy, and useful for immediate resection and primary anastomosis of obstructing left-sided colon cancer.

ジャーナルDigestive surgery
出版ステータス出版済み - 1999

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