Magnetic circular dichroism near the fermi level

Takeshi Nakagawa, Toshihiko Yokoyama

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We report the observation of enhanced magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) near the Fermi level using visible and ultraviolet lasers. More than 10% MCD asymmetry is achieved for a perpendicularly magnetized 12 ML (monolayer) Ni film on Cu(001). By changing the work function with the aid of cesium adsorption, the MCD asymmetry of Ni(12ML)/Cu(001) is found to be enhanced only near the photoemission threshold and to drop down to 0.1% at the photon energy larger than the work function by 0.6 eV. A theoretical calculation also shows enhanced MCD near the photoemission threshold, qualitatively in agreement with the experimental results. Other ultrathin films of 6 ML Ni, 15 ML Co, and 3 and 15 ML Fe on Cu(001) are also investigated. It is found that the perpendicularly magnetized films show much larger MCD asymmetries than the in-plane magnetized films as in the Kerr effect.

ジャーナルPhysical review letters
出版ステータス出版済み - 2006

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