Mathematical description of motion and deformation - From basics to graphics applications

Hiroyuki Ochiai, Ken Anjyo

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While many technical terms, such as Euler angle, quaternion, and affine transformation, now become quite popular in computer graphics, their graphical meanings are sometimes a bit far from the original mathematical entities, which might cause misunderstanding or misuse of the mathematical techniques. This course presents an intuitive introduction to several mathematical concepts that are quite useful for describing motion and deformation of geometric objects. The concepts are inherited mostly from differential geometry and Lie theory, and now commonly used in various aspects of computer graphics, including curve/surface editing, deformation and animation of geometric objects. The objective of this course is to fill the gap between the original mathematical concepts and the practical meanings in computer graphics without assuming any prior knowledge of pure mathematics. We then illustrate practical usefulness of deep understanding of the mathematical concepts. Moreover this course demonstrates our current/ongoing research work, which is benefited from our mathematical formulation.

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