Measurement of diurnal change in tuber growth of sweet potato plants

Toshihiko Eguchi, Kitano Masaharu, H. Eguchi

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Tuber volume of sweet potato plants (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) was measured in course of time by applying an on-line laser micrometer (LM) system, and diurnal change in tuber growth was analyzed. Tuber growth rate fluctuated synchronizing with the photoperiod, where the growth rate in the light was kept lower than that in the dark. Rapid increase and decrease in the growth rate were occurred after darkening and lightening, respectively. These results suggest that tube growth of sweet potato plants responds to changes in the shoot environment, and the growth response was considered to be related to leaf transpiration through dynamics of plant water balance. Thus, diurnal pattern of tuber growth in sweet potato plants was revealed clearly by using the LM system.

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