Measurement of the coulomb dissociation of 8B at 254 MeV /nucleon and the 8B solar neutrino flux

N. Iwasa, F. Boué, G. Surówka, K. Sümmerer, T. Baumann, B. Blank, S. Czajkowski, A. Förster, M. Gai, H. Geissel, E. Grosse, M. Hellström, P. Koczon, B. Kohlmeyer, R. Kulessa, F. Laue, C. Marchand, T. Motobayashi, H. Oeschler, A. OzawaM. S. Pravikoff, E. Schwab, W. Schwab, P. Senger, J. Speer, C. Sturm, A. Surowiec, T. Teranishi, F. Uhlig, A. Wagner, W. Walus, C. A. Bertulani

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We have measured the Coulomb dissociation of 8B into 7Be and a proton at 254 MeV/nucleon using a large-acceptance focusing spectrometer. The astrophysical S17-factor for the 7Be(p,γ)8B reaction at Ec.m.=0.25-2.78MeV is deduced yielding S17(0)=20.6±1.2 (expt) ±1.0(theor)eVb. This result agrees with the presently adopted zero-energy S17-factor obtained in direct-reaction measurements and with the results of other Coulomb-dissociation studies performed at 46.5 and 51.2 MeV/nucleon.

ジャーナルPhysical Review Letters
出版物ステータス出版済み - 1 1 1999

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    Iwasa, N., Boué, F., Surówka, G., Sümmerer, K., Baumann, T., Blank, B., Czajkowski, S., Förster, A., Gai, M., Geissel, H., Grosse, E., Hellström, M., Koczon, P., Kohlmeyer, B., Kulessa, R., Laue, F., Marchand, C., Motobayashi, T., Oeschler, H., ... Bertulani, C. A. (1999). Measurement of the coulomb dissociation of 8B at 254 MeV /nucleon and the 8B solar neutrino flux. Physical Review Letters, 83(15), 2910-2913.