Measurements of neutron spectra produced from a thick tungsten target bombarded with 0.5- and 1.5-GeV protons

Shin Ichiro Meigo, Hiroshi Takada, Nobuhiro Shigyo, Kiminori Iga, Yousuke Iwamoto, Hirohiko Kitsuki, Kenji Ishibashi, Keisuke Maehata, Hidehiko Arima, Tatsushi Nakamoto, Masaharu Numajiri

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For validation of calculation codes that are employed in the design of pulse spallation neutron source and accelerator driven system, spectrum of neutrons produced from a thick target plays an important role. However, appropriate experimental data were scarce for the incident energies higher than 0.8 GeV. In this study, the spectrum from a thick tungsten target was measured The experiment was carried out at the ダ2 beam line of the 12-GeV proton synchrotron at KEK. The tungsten target was bombarded by the 0.5- and 1.5-GeV secondary protons. Spectrum of neutrons was measured by the time-of-flight technique using organic scintillators of NE213, The calculated result with NMTC/JAM and MCNP-4A is compared with the measured data. It is found that the NMTC/JAM generally gives a good agreement with experiment. The NMTC/JAM, however, gives 50 % lower neutron flux in the energy region 20-80 MeV, which is consistent with the results in previous comparison of lead target. For the neutrons between 20 and 80 MeV, the calculation using with the in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross sections reproduced the experiment fairly well.

ジャーナルjournal of nuclear science and technology
出版ステータス出版済み - 8 2002

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