Micronization of MgFe2 O4 particles doped with Si

Akane Doi, Maiko Nishibori, Kenji Obata, Takuya Suzuki, Kengo Shimanoe, Shigenori Matsushima

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The effect of Si addition was studied for the purpose of the improvement of microstructure of MgFe2O4 particles prepared from a malic acid complex. There were no traces of any impurity phase in Si-doped and pure MgFe2O4 powders both in XRD measurements. When Si atoms were doped to MgFe2O4 , crystallite growth of MgFe2O4 was remarkably suppressed, and the lattice volume increased up to 10 mol% Si monotonously. SEM observations revealed that MgFe2O4 powders show a granulation shape such as the aragonite and each particle tightly interconnected each other, whereas smaller particles compared with pure MgFe2O4 were observed for Si-doped MgFe2O4 . Also, it was found that the amount of mesopore increases by Si doping. Further, XPS and XAS measurements suggested that Si atoms exist in MgFe2O4 crystal.

ジャーナルJournal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
出版物ステータス出版済み - 7 2016

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