Modeling of pressure calculation in reaction zone of high explosive (I)

S. Kubota, Hideki Shimada, K. Matsui, K. Nagayama

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We found that the relation of specific volumes between perfect reacted and un-reacted components of high explosive, which is obtained from the calculation of pressure in reaction zone using equation of states of these components, show very little dependence on the reaction degree of high explosive. Utilizing this property, we propose new simplified method on the pressure calculation in reaction zone of high explosive. In advance, the relationship of these volumes was calculated using mixture equation of state and was fitted to the results by means of a fitting function. Owing to introduce the function into the pressure calculation, the iterative calculation that includes both of equation of states for these components in every time is unnecessary. As the results, the pressure calculation becomes greatly simplified than conventional method. We calculated the shock initiation process of PBX 9404 and PETN and discussed the validity of the proposed method.

ジャーナルKayaku Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Explosives Society
出版ステータス出版済み - 7月 1 2001

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