Modelling of toxic mercury in coastal seas - Case study: Yatsushiro Sea, Japan

R. Rajar, M. Cetina, D. Zagar, H. Akagi, S. Yano, T. Tomiyasu, M. Horvat

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After the well-known mercury contamination of the Minamata Bay around 1956, measurements of mercury content in the bottom sediment of the neighboring Yatsushiro Sea have shown, that some mercury has been transported from the Minamata Bay into the Yatsushiro Sea. To understand the phenomenon, and to help at the environmental protection, simulations of current velocities in the Yatsushiro Sea have been done. They are further on used for calculation of mass balance in the Minamata Bay, where the potential sources of Hg and their relative magnitudes are shown. By combining measurements with hydrodynamic and Hg cycling modelling, meaningful predictions for future behavior of Hg in both Minamata Bay and Yatsushiro Sea are possible.

ジャーナルEnvironmental Studies
出版ステータス出版済み - 2002
イベントNinth International Conference on the Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Environmental Problems, ENVIROSOFT 2002 - Bergen, ノルウェー
継続期間: 5 6 20025 8 2002

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  • Engineering(all)

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