Monthly variations of global wave climate due to global warming

Muhammad Zikra, Noriaki Hashimoto, Kodama Mitsuyasu, Kriyo Sambodho

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Over recent years, ocean wave climate change due to global warming has attracted a lot of attention not only coastal and offshore engineer but also stakeholders in the marine industry. There is a wide range of application in ocean environment that require information on ocean wave climate data, such as ships design, design of offshore platforms and coastal structures or naval industry. In this research, monthly variation in significant wave height is studied using MRI-AGCM3.2 wind climate data for 25 year period from 1979-2003. The 25 year significant wave height simulation derived from JMA/MRI-AGCM wind climate data. The JMA/MRI-AGCM climate data were input into WAM model. The results showed that the monthly variability of significant wave height in the Northern Hemisphere is greater than in the Southern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, most of the equatorial regions are in calm condition all year.

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