Multi-Fidelity Total Integrated Simulation Technology for High Pressure Pump with Squeeze Film Effect

U. Oh, Kazuya Kusano, Norihiko Nonaka, Hironobu Yamakawa

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Automotive fuel can be efficiently combusted by injecting it into the cylinders at high pressure to atomize it to pass the regulations for exhaust gas and fuel economy. For this reason, automotive companies have developed direct injection engines, which can inject gasoline into the cylinders directly. Furthermore, the demand for lower-noise high pressure pumps is also increasing from the viewpoint of automotive comfort. Since the valve velocity and noise level will increase as the pressure in fuel pumps increases, noise problems need to be solved under the high pressure conditions. Accordingly, the valve motion should be predicted with high accuracy under operating conditions to evaluate the noise caused by valve impingement. In addition, the squeeze film effect phenomenon will occur in the physical fuel pumps affect the prediction of the noise level caused by valve impingement. Therefore, we focused on high pressure fuel pumps to develop multi-fidelity (MF) total integrated simulation technology. We couple 1D system analysis and 3D moving boundary analysis with the squeeze film effect to predict the valve motion under operating conditions in the MF simulation. The valve motion and the boundary conditions of a 3D moving boundary analysis are predicted by 1D system analysis. The fluid force that acts on the valve is predicted by 3D moving boundary analysis. Finally, we could predict the valve deceleration phenomena by applying the MF technology to the high pressure fuel pumps.

ジャーナルSAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems
出版ステータス出版済み - 3月 28 2017

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