Nanobubbles as friction modifier

Masami Nakagawa, Arata Kioka, Ken Tagomori

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Nanobubbles are ubiquitous but invisible. Neither a single nanobubble nor billions of nanobubbles are easy to study. However, reports on positive benefits of nanobubbles in everyday life are numerous and seem to increase by the day. There seems to be a significant gap between everyday usage and firm scientific understanding of nanobubble behavior. The authors were interested in conducting simple fluid dynamic experiments that are often used in textbooks to challenge how the inclusion of nanobubbles may alter commonly accepted findings. This approach led us to discover that nanobubbles can be an entirely new, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly modifier of flow behavior. This paper is a start of our efforts and reports our preliminary results on nanobubbles as a friction modifier.

ジャーナルTribology International
出版ステータス出版済み - 1月 2022

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