Nanowire-nanoantenna coupled system fabricated by nanomanipulation

Masaaki Ono, Eiichi Kuramochi, Guoqiang Zhang, Hisashi Sumikura, Yuichi Harada, David Cox, Masaya Notomi

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    Here we demonstrate the combination of a semiconductor nanowire and a plasmonic bowtie nanoantenna. A subwavelength InP nanowire was placed precisely in the middle of the nanogap of a gold bowtie nanoantenna with a nanomanipulator installed in a focused ion beam system. We observed a significantly large enhancement (by a factor of 110) of the photoluminescence intensity from this coupled system when the excitation wavelength was at the plasmonic resonance with its polarization parallel to the nanoantenna. Moreover, simulation results revealed that this large enhancement was caused by an interesting interplay between the plasmonic resonance of the nanoantenna and the breakdown of the field suppression effect in the subwavelength nanowire. Our results show that the combination of a nanowire and a nanoantenna gives us a new degree of freedom to design light-matter interactions on a nanoscale.

    ジャーナルOptics Express
    出版ステータス出版済み - 4月 18 2016

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