Network traffic characterization and network information services - R&D on JGN

A. Ashir, T. Suganuma, T. Kinoshita, T. K. Roy, G. Mansfield, N. Shiratori

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Unlike in the traditional QoS framework, in a Flexible QoS, intelligent network applications, and hence its users, adapt themselves to the dynamics of the network, thereby allowing a greater control over QoS. A 'Flexible Network (FN) Layer' in between the existing Application and Network Layers is proposed, enabling the applications and users to get information about the network dynamics and absorb the changes occurring inside and/or outside the network with the help of intelligent multi-agents. For understanding the changes inside the network, it is necessary to collect, process, store and service network related information from the network. A Network Information Ware House (NIWH) is designed for this purpose. A knowledge of the network traffic characteristics is required for the intelligent applications to perform satisfactorily. A Network Information Configuration and Query Language (NICQL) is designed to allow applications to specify their information requirements to the NIWH and to access information from the NIWH. As a high-speed network application, we introduce the Flexible Videoconference System (FVCS) which utilizes the concept of Flexible QoS, NIWH and NICQL and the resources of the Japan Gigabit Network (JGN) backbone.

ジャーナルComputer Communications
出版ステータス出版済み - 2001

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