New useful function of hydrogen in materials

Masuo Okada, Jun Nakahigashi, Asaya Fujita, Miho Yamauchi, Atsunori Kamegawa

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    Useful functions of hydrogen in materials are studied. (a) Simultaneous improvements of electrical conductivity and mechanical strength for Cu-3mass%Ti hydrogenated alloy were achieved. The hydrogenation reaction proceeds within the range of spinodal decomposition temperature, and then the tensile strength of the alloy was increased. (b) Hydrogen-treatment for a β-rich α + β type Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe alloy yields the fine grain with the size of about 0.3 μm. This alloy exhibited the high superplastic elongation of 10,600% at 923 K. (c) Pressure induced magnetic phase transition of hydrogenated La(FexSi1-x)13 compounds was applied to magnetostrictive stress-sensor. (d) Ordering and Catalytic activity of CuPd nanoalloys are promoted by hydrogen treatment.

    ジャーナルJournal of Alloys and Compounds
    出版ステータス出版済み - 2013

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    • Mechanics of Materials
    • Mechanical Engineering
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