Nitric oxide removal by NH3 injection into pressurized fludized bed combustor

Yasuo Yoshii, Nobuyuki Hokari, Tetsuya Iwase, Yozo Korai

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The gas-phase reaction NO-NH3-O2 was investigated in a tubular flow reactor at a pressure of 788 kPa and temperatures from 650 to 850°C. Injection of ammonia into a 2MWthPFBC combustor was also attempted, and it was found that 55% of NO was converted to N2 at 855°C with an NH3/NO molar ratio of 2 and residence time of 1.4 s. In the combustor, the nitric oxide concentration could be reduced to less than 70 ppm, and leakage of ammonia was kept below 5 ppm at the full load. During the load change operation in the combustor, nitric oxide was decreased as the load became higher when the ammonia injection was controlled by the prediction method.

ジャーナルkagaku kogaku ronbunshu
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