Noble gas systematics of the hawaiian volcanoes based on the analysis of Loihi, Kilauea and Koolau submarine rocks

Ichiro Kaneoka, Takeshi Hanyu, Junji Yamamoto, Yayoi N. Miura

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Noble gas isotopes were analyzed for glass and olivine phenocrysts of Hawaiian submarine volcanic rocks collected at depths of 2300-5700 m using submersibles "Shinkai 6500" and "Kaiko". Both crushing and heating methods were used for extracting noble gases. Loihi samples had 3He/4He of 21-32 Ra, 20Ne/22Ne of 10-12 and 40Ar/36Ar of 300-2700, while Kilauea samples had 3He/4He of 13-15 Ra, 20Ne/22Ne of 10.6-11.1, and 40Ar/36Ar of 800-3600. For all samples analyzed, the 129Xe/130Xe cannot be distinguished from the atmospheric value within analytical uncertainty. Olivine separates from two Koolau basaltic rocks collected at depths of about 3600 m and 3100 m have 3He/4He of about 19 Ra, whereas other Koolau samples collected at depths of less than 3000 m have 3He/4He of 14-15 Ra like subaerial Koolau rocks. The samples collected from Loihi, in the pre-shield stage, contain both higher and more variable values of 3He/He compared to the shield-building stage of other volcanoes in the Hawaiian chain. The post-shield and rejuvenated stages show the lowest 3He/4He, overlapping values obtained for MORB. We interpret this age trend to reflect an increasing degree of interaction between the rising plume magma and the uppermost part of asthenosphere. The extreme He isotope variation shown at Loihi may represent additional interaction of the plume magma with the old, altered oceanic crust. The variation of heavier noble gases may indicate incorporation of seawater into the magma before eruption.

ホスト出版物のタイトルHawaiian Volcanoes
ホスト出版物のサブタイトルDeep Underwater Perspectives, 2002
編集者Michael O. Garcia, Eiichi Takahashi, Jiro Naka, Peter W. Lipman, Shigeo Aramaki
出版社Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
出版ステータス出版済み - 2002


名前Geophysical Monograph Series

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  • 地球物理学


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