Notch sensitivity in fatigue of nickel-base superalloy at elevated temperatures

Norio Kawagoishi, Hiroshi Tachiya, Qiang Chen, Hironobu Nisitani, Masahiro Goto, Eiji Kondo

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Rotating bending fatigue tests were carried out for nickel-base superalloy Inconel 718 in air at room temperature and the elevated temperatures of 300°C, 500°C and 600°C using the 60 degree V-grooved specimen in order to investigate the influence of temperature on the notch sensitivity of the alloy. The notch sensitivity was assessed in terms of the limiting stress for crack initiation σw1 and that for crack growth σw2, based on the Linear Notch Mechanics (LNM). It was found that the fatigue limits σw1, σw2 of notched specimen can be evaluated by LMN at each temperature. Although the notch sensitivity of Inconel 718 to the two fatigue limits is relatively low considering its high static strength at all the temperatures, especially to the fatigue limit for crack growth, it becomes more sensitive at the elevated temperatures than at room temperature. The results were discussed with the effect of temperature on the arresting behavior of fatigue crack growth.

ジャーナルNihon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, A Hen/Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Part A
出版ステータス出版済み - 1998

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