Nuclear data evaluations for JENDL high-energy file

Y. Watanabe, T. Fukahori, K. Kosako, N. Shigyo, T. Murata, N. Yamano, T. Hino, K. Maki, H. Nakashima, N. Odano, S. Chiba

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An overview is presented of recent nuclear data evaluations performed for the JENDL high-energy (JENDL-HE) file, in which neutron and proton cross sections for energies up to 3 GeV are included for the whole 132 nuclides. The current version of the JENDL-HE file consists of neutron total cross sections, nucleon elastic scattering cross sections and angular distributions, nonelastic cross sections, production cross sections and double-differential cross sections of secondary light particles (n, p, d, t, 3He, α, and π) and gamma-rays, isotope production cross sections, and fission cross sections in the ENDF6 format. The present evaluations are performed on the basis of experimental data and theoretical model calculations. For the cross section calculations, we have constructed a hybrid calculation code system with some available nuclear model codes and systematics-based codes, such as ECIS96, OPTMAN, GNASH, JQMD, JAM, TOTELA, FISCAL, and so on. The evaluated cross sections are compared with available experimental data and the other evaluations. Future plans of our JENDL-HE project are discussed along with prospective needs for high-energy cross section data.

ホスト出版物のタイトルInternational Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology
出版ステータス出版済み - 5 24 2005
イベントInternational Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology - Santa Fe, NM, 米国
継続期間: 9 26 200410 1 2004


名前AIP Conference Proceedings


その他International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology
CitySanta Fe, NM

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