Numerical analysis of stability and creep-deformation of a complex embankment using non-convergence criterion

Ting Kai Nian, Cheng Liu, Guang Qi Chen, Bo Liu

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Shear strength reduction Elasto-plastic finite element method(SSR-EPFEM) combined with non-convergence criterion is employed to analyze the overall stability of road embankment, the complex environmental conditions, such as an underlying soft-clay layer, the thickness of soft foundation, sloping angle of embankment and the vehicle loads on the embankment are fully considered. Then, the deformation, settlement and stability of embankment are numerically simulated considering the whole filling process. On the basis of this, a Drucker-prager Creep model is incorporated into a powerful finite element code to analyze the settlement after construction, the distribution of pore-water pressure and the overall stability of the embankment. The numerical results indicate that, the differential settlement on the surface of filling embankment underlain by a soft foundation will occur with increasing the filling time. Pore pressure shows certain irregular fluctuation with increasing the filling loads, and finally arrives at a low extreme during the post-consolidation. The ultimate settlement is nearly 15% higher than that when the creep effect of underlain soft clay is not considered. This resulting understanding can be applied to the practical engineering. The study in this paper will provide a beneficial supplement for the analysis method on the embankment settlement and stability in the current standard, and guide the design and construction of embankment under the condition of complex foundation and geometric landscape.

ジャーナルJournal of Convergence Information Technology
出版ステータス出版済み - 9月 2012

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