Numerical simulation of coal gasification in entrained flow coal gasifier

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This paper presents modeling of a coal gasification reaction, and prediction of gasification performance for an entrained flow coal gasifier. The purposes of this study are to develop an evaluation technique for design and performance optimization of coal gasifiers using a numerical simulation technique, and to confirm the validity of the model. The coal gasification model suggested in this paper is composed of a pyrolysis model, char gasification model, and gas phase reaction model. A numerical simulation with the coal gasification model is performed on the CRIEPI 2 tons/day (T/D) research scale coal gasifier. Influence of the air ratio on gasification performance, such as a per pass carbon conversion efficiency, amount of product char, a heating value of the product gas, and cold gas efficiency is presented with regard to the 2 T/D gasifier. Gas temperature distribution and product gas composition are also presented. A comparison between the calculation and experimental data shows that most features of the gasification performance were identified accurately by the numerical simulation, confirming the validity of the current model.

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