On the prediction of students’ quiz score by recurrent neural network

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In this paper, we explore the factor for improving the performance of prediction of students’ quiz scores by using a Recurrent Neural Network. The proposed method is applied to the log data of 2693 students in 15 courses that were conducted with following the common syllabus by 10 teachers. The experimental results show that in the case where the same teacher is not included in both training and test data, the accuracy of prediction slightly lower. We also show that at the beginning of a course, it is better to construct a prediction model including various items of learning logs, however, in the latter half, it is better to update the model by using selected information only.

ジャーナルCEUR Workshop Proceedings
出版ステータス出版済み - 2018
イベント2nd Multimodal Learning Analytics Across (Physical and Digital) Spaces, CrossMMLA 2018 - Sydney, オーストラリア
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