OS0508 モードII疲労き裂進展の有効応力拡大係数幅の測定(OS5-2 き裂進展・計測,OS-5 材料の疲労挙動と損傷評価1)

劉 敏健, 濱田 繁

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌


Many rolling contact fatigue failures, such as those that occur in railway rails, rolling bearings and gears, are due to the high repeated shear load. In order to prevent such fatigue a failure, the resistance of the material against such a load must be determined. The fatigue crack growth rate is dependent on the Mode II stress intensity factor range ΔK_<II>. However, the Mode II crack propagation characteristic varies according to different experiment methods. Therefore, in this study, we measured the effective Mode II stress intensity factor range ΔK_<IIeff>. As it is difficult to carry out the Mode II fatigue crack propagation in the laboratory, this test was carried out using a bending load in this study. This bending load was applied to the tips of a double cantilever specimen and the Mode II fatigue crack propagation could be carried out between the two cantilevers. Furthermore, in order to measure the ΔK_<IIeff>, several strain gauges were applied to the specimen around the crack tip. Using this technique, some ΔK_<IIeff> value during the Mode II fatigue crack propagation tests will be reported.
寄稿の翻訳タイトルOS0508 Measurement of Effective Stress Intensity Factor Range of Mode II Fatigue Crack Propagation
出版ステータス出版済み - 2011


「OS0508 モードII疲労き裂進展の有効応力拡大係数幅の測定(OS5-2 き裂進展・計測,OS-5 材料の疲労挙動と損傷評価1)」の研究トピックを掘り下げます。これらがまとまってユニークなフィンガープリントを構成します。