OS1526 鋭い切欠きを有するエポキシ樹脂における疲労き裂進展挙動の実験的解析

付 依然, 金 鍾天, 大本 洋平, 濱田 繁, 野口 博司

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌


Recently, polymer materials have increasingly used in many industries due to their unique properties, such as chemical corrosion resistance and its lightness. Despite the investigations which are being carried out on the fatigue phenomena of epoxy resin with various kinds of fibre, the epoxy does not seem to have been fully studied. Moreover, there is lack of understanding about the fatigue behavior and its mechanism. In cyclic bending fatigue tests, on the other hand, the resin are easily fractured even though the stresses are below the critical values. The objective of this study is to analyze the fatigue crack growth behavior of epoxy resin (bisphenol-A-epichlorohydrin type epoxy resin) during mechanical repeated loads. The rotating bending fatigue test was carried out in order to analyze the fatigue crack propagation. A notch was introduced on the specimen, therefore a crack propagates and cause the final fracture of the specimen. In this paper we tried to find the fatigue crack behavior.
寄稿の翻訳タイトルOS1526 Experimental analysis for fatigue crack growth behaviour on epoxy with a sharp notch
出版ステータス出版済み - 2013


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