OS1538 TWIP鋼におけるひずみ制御低サイクル疲労挙動特性

李 慧超, 車 仁清, 金 鍾天, 澤口 孝弘, 濱田 繁, 野口 博司, 津崎 兼彰

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A TWIP (Twinning Induced Plasticity) steel is an austenitic steel which contains about 30% Mn , 3% Si and 3% Al, and have attracted much attention for their excellent mechanical properties such as its strength and strain hardening. Fatigue life is an important property of the material. In the study, to find the relationship between the strain hardening and the fatigue life for the Fe-30Mn-3Si-3Al TWIP alloy, analyses of the strain hardening under different applied strain were performed. For this, tension and compression strain controlled low-cycle fatigue tests were carried out in order to obtain the relationship between the strain hardening and the fatigue life. From the test, the stress-strain curve and the stress which changes as increasing the number of cycles were obseved. Briefly, the results indicated the state of hardening rate under Δε = 2.0% was higher than Δε = 1.0% conditions. In this paper we tried to find the work-hardening effect under the low cycle fatigue loading.
寄稿の翻訳タイトルOS1538 Strain Controlled Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of TWIP Steel
出版ステータス出版済み - 2013

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