Overview of recent HL-2A experiments

X. R. Duan, Yi Liu, M. Xu, L. W. Yan, Y. Xu, X. M. Song, J. Q. Dong, X. T. Ding, L. Y. Chen, B. Lu, D. Q. Liu, J. Rao, W. M. Xuan, Q. W. Yang, G. Y. Zheng, X. L. Zou, Y. Q. Liu, W. L. Zhong, K. J. Zhao, X. Q. JiW. C. Mao, Q. M. Wang, Q. Li, J. Y. Cao, Z. Cao, G. J. Lei, J. H. Zhang, X. D. Li, X. Y. Bai, J. Cheng, W. Chen, Z. Y. Cui, L. Delpech, P. H. Diamond, Y. B. Dong, A. Ekedahl, T. Hoang, Y. Huang, K. Ida, K. Itoh, S. I. Itoh, M. Isobe, S. Inagaki, D. Mazon, S. Morita, Y. Peysson, Z. B. Shi, X. G. Wang, G. L. Xiao, D. L. Yu, L. M. Yu, Y. P. Zhang, Y. Zhou, C. H. Cui, B. B. Feng, M. Huang, Y. G. Li, B. Li, G. S. Li, H. J. Li, Qing Li, J. F. Peng, Y. Q. Wang, B. S. Yuan, Yong Liu

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Since the last Fusion Energy Conference, significant progress has been made in the following areas. The first high coupling efficiency low-hybrid current drive (LHCD) with a passive-active multi-junction (PAM) antenna was successfully demonstrated in the H-mode on the HL-2A tokamak. Double critical impurity gradients of electromagnetic turbulence were observed in H-mode plasmas. Various ELM mitigation techniques have been investigated, including supersonic molecular beam injection (SMBI), impurity seeding, resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) and low-hybrid wave (LHW). The ion internal transport barrier was observed in neutral beam injection (NBI) heated plasmas. Neoclassical tearing modes (NTMs) driven by the transient perturbation of local electron temperature during non-local thermal transport events have been observed, and a new type of non-local transport triggered by the ion fishbone was found. A long-lasting runaway electron plateau was achieved after argon injection and the runaway current was successfully suppressed by SMBI. It was found that low-n Alfvénic ion temperature gradient (AITG) modes can be destabilized in ohmic plasmas, even with weak magnetic shear and low-pressure gradients. For the first time, the synchronization of geodesic acoustic mode (GAM) and magnetic fluctuations was observed in edge plasmas, revealing frequency entrainment and phase lock. The spatiotemporal features of zonal flows were also studied using multi-channel correlation Doppler reflectometers.

ジャーナルNuclear Fusion
出版ステータス出版済み - 6 28 2017

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