PB48 金ナノ微粒子を添加した液晶ブルー相の電気光学特性(ソフトマター,ポスター発表,2012年日本液晶学会討論会)

金子 光佑, 樋口 博紀, 菊池 裕嗣

研究成果: Contribution to journalArticle


There has been great interest recently in the fabrication of metal nanoparticles/liquid crystals composites. In this study, we investigate the expansion of temperature range and the improvement of the electro-optical properties of blue phases by doping with gold nanoparticles. Gold nanoparticles with mesogenic coatings are prepared in order to obtain good dispersity and miscibility of the nanoparticles into liquid crystals. We report the results of detailed electro-optical studies using the gold nanoparticles which facilitate further applications of hybrid materials, and the method of the improvement in the miscibility of the nanoparticles into liquid crystals is examined from the viewpoint of material design.
寄稿の翻訳されたタイトルPB48 Electro-optical properties of liquid crystalline blue phases doped with gold nanoparticles
出版物ステータス出版済み - 8 20 2012

フィンガープリント PB48 金ナノ微粒子を添加した液晶ブルー相の電気光学特性(ソフトマター,ポスター発表,2012年日本液晶学会討論会)' の研究トピックを掘り下げます。これらはともに一意のフィンガープリントを構成します。

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