Performance comparison of dynamic channel assignments for indoor microcell environment

Hiroshi Furukawa, Mutsuhiko Oishi, Yoshihiko Akaiwa, Hiroyuki Shimizu

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This paper compares the performance of an indoor cellular system in terms of capacity and channel assignment delay for different Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA) and Fixed Channel Assignment (FCA) schemes. We refer to specific group of DCAs, namely Channel Segregation and Reuse Partitioning. Our main concern is to show that these DCA schemes offer better performance than FCA. Since the structure and floor layout of a building will have a major influence on the propagation and hence on the cell shape, a path loss simulator is developed for predicting the path loss which is used in evolving base station layouts. Computer simulation, based on Monte Carlo method, are carried out using the path loss values and the base station layouts. The results indicate that increased traffic capacity can be achieved with all DCAs in comparison with FCA. The highest capacity and a shorter channel assignment delay are delivered by Self-Organized Reuse Partitioning DCA scheme.

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