Performance evaluation of a new pulse oximeter during mild hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass

Kazuo Irita, Yoichiro Kai, Kozaburo Akiyoshi, Yukako Tanaka, Shosuke Takahashi

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Newly developed pulse oximeters (POs) are designed to display accurate Spo2 during motion and hypoperfusion. We compared the performance of a new PO, the Masimo SET Radical (M), with a conventional PO, the Nihon Kohden AY-900P (N), during hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass. Eighteen patients were studied prospectively. PO failure was defined as failure to show no Spo2 value or show incorrect Spo2 values for longer than 3 min continuously. PO failure occurred in 4 and 14 patients with M and N, respectively (P = 0.0022). All 4 patients in whom PO failure developed with M were among the 14 patients with N. No Spo2 was provided for 4% ± 12% of the duration of aorta cross-clamping with M and 36% ± 39% with N (P = 0.002). Skin temperature and mean arterial blood pressure when PO failure started to occur and ended were similar between M and N. PO failure easily developed in patients with preoperative diuretic therapy or with intraoperative hyperlactatemia in N, but not in M. M was able to display accurate Spo2 values significantly more frequently and longer than N during mild hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass with nonpulsatile flow, suggesting that M is more useful for monitoring Spo2 during hypoperfusion.

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