Periods of planetary waves in geomagnetic variations

A. Kohsiek, K. H. Glassmeier, T. Hirooka

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Periods of planetary waves, especially the 10- and 16-day waves, were found in Fourier analyses of 10-year geomagnetic time series from two mid-latitude stations in the northern hemisphere. This suggests that planetary waves influence geomagnetic variations. Cross-spectral analysis of magnetic time series from seven stations located at around 50°N at the beginning of 1979, when a 16-day wave occurred in the stratosphere, also shows a 16-day oscillation. However, study of the phases does not reveal the horizontal direction of wave propagation. Furthermore, the temporal variations of the 16-day oscillation in magnetic time series are presented as dynamic spectra and the results are compared with global investigations of geopotential height data at 1 hPa (around 48 km) with respect to the 16-day wave for the same time interval. In some cases this comparison suggests a clear correlation between geomagnetic variations and planetary waves as well as a propagation of the 16-day wave up to the dynamo region (100-170 km).

ジャーナルAnnales Geophysicae
出版ステータス出版済み - 2 28 1995

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