PERKAM: Personalized knowledge awareness map for computer supported ubiquitous learning

Moushir M. El-Bishouty, Hiroaki Ogata, Yoneo Yano

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This paper introduces a ubiquitous computing environment in order to support the learners while doing tasks; this environment is called PERKAM (PERsonalized Knowledge Awareness Map). PERKAM allows the learners to share knowledge, interact, collaborate, and exchange individual experiences. It utilizes the RFID ubiquities technology to detect the learner's environmental objects and location, then recommends the best matched educational materials and peer helpers in accordance with the detected objects and the current location. This environment provides the learner with Knowledge Awareness Map, which visualizes the space of the environmental objects that surround the learner, the educational materials space, and the peer helpers' space. PERKAM system was implemented and an experiment was done in order to evaluate the system performance and the learner's satisfaction. This paper illustrates the design, the implementation and the evaluation of this environment, and it focuses on Knowledge Awareness Map, which is personalized according to the learner's current need and location.

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出版ステータス出版済み - 7 2007

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