Photoluminescence of Eu3+and Tb3+ ions adsorbed on oxide nanosheets

Asami Funatsu, Shintaro Ida, Chikako Ogata, Yasumichi Matsumoto

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Photoluminescence properties of TiO (Ti1.825O4) and NbO (Nb6O17) nanosheets adsorbed with Ln3+ ions were studied comparing with those of photoluminescent GdEuTiO and LaTbTaO perovskite nanosheets. Intense emissions of Ln3+ (Eu3+ and Tb3+) ions adsorbed on TiO and NbO (Ln3+/MO) nanosheets were observed during UV light illumination. The photoluminescence results from the energy transfer from the band gap excitation of the nanosheets to the adsorbed Ln3+. Coadsorbed H2O increased the emission intensities of the adsorbed Ln3+ for the Ln3+/MO samples. On the other hand, no effect of adsorbed H2O on the emission intensities of the photoluminescent perovskite nanosheets was observed because of the presence of Ln3+ on the inside of the nanosheets. Hydrogen-bonding networks between O21 ions of the nanosheet surface and the adsorbed H2O surrounding Ln3+ will promote the energy transfer for the Ln3+/MO samples. Recombination and photoreaction of the produced electron and hole of the nanosheet, and a phonon due to the adsorbed H2O suppress the emission, according to the analyses of effects of pH, adsorbed ions and D2O on the emission.

ジャーナルBulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
出版ステータス出版済み - 8 22 2011

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