Pickering emulsion stabilization by using amphiphilic cellulose nanofibrils prepared by aqueous counter collision

Shingo Yokota, Keita Kamada, Aki Sugiyama, Tetsuo Kondo

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Cellulose nanofibrils prepared by aqueous counter collision (ACC-nanocelluloses) have specific properties. In this study, the use of ACC-nanocelluloses as emulsifiers and stabilizers was investigated. Oil-in-water Pickering emulsions with long-term stabilities were easily prepared by ultrasonically mixing aqueous ACC-nanocellulose dispersions with non-polar solvents. Stable Pickering emulsions were obtained because the emulsification abilities of the ACC-nanocelluloses were significantly higher than those of cellulose nanofibrils prepared by high-pressure homogenization or other chemical preparation methods. This might be due to exposure of inherently hydrophobic surface planes of cellulose nanofibrils by ACC. The emulsification and stability of the Pickering emulsions were sensitive to the solvent properties such as permittivity, density and viscosity.

ジャーナルCarbohydrate Polymers
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