Polysaccharide schizophyllan-based plasm id DNA carrier

T. Nagasaki, T. Satoh, A. Uno, M. Hojo, K. Koumoto, M. Mizu, K. Sakurai, S. Shinkai

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The development of polysaccharide schizophyllan-based plasmid DNA carrier was analyzed. Amine-introduced cationic schizophyllan (SPG) carriers were prepared using ethanolamine, spermidine, spermine, and N,N'-bis(3-aminopropyl)- 1,3-propanediamine. It was found that transfection efficiency was dependent on cation/anion ratios, with carriers having SPG as the backbone showing the highest transfection efficiency with C/A ratios of 10-15. It was observed that transfection efficiency of the 80,000 Da derivative was about eight times greater than that of PEI.

ホスト出版物のタイトルTransactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress
出版物ステータス出版済み - 12 1 2004
イベントTransactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress - Sydney, オーストラリア
継続期間: 5 17 20045 21 2004


名前Transactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress


その他Transactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress

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    Nagasaki, T., Satoh, T., Uno, A., Hojo, M., Koumoto, K., Mizu, M., Sakurai, K., & Shinkai, S. (2004). Polysaccharide schizophyllan-based plasm id DNA carrier. : Transactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress (Transactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress).