Preparation of supported LaMnO3 catalysts by selective deposition on alumina and their catalytic activity for propane oxidation

Teruaki Asada, Hajime Kusaba, Hisahiro Einaga, Yasutake Teraoka

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Alumina-supported LaMnO3 (LaMnO3/Al2O3) catalysts with various dispersion and locations were prepared by utilizing the alumina pore structures. LaMnO3 perovskite oxides were selectively deposited in and/or outside the pore of γ-Al2O3 support by controlling the deposition methods. The LaMnO3/Al2O3 catalysts were characterized and their catalytic activities for propane oxidation were investigated. X-ray diffraction, electron diffraction, and catalytic studies confirmed the formation of a perovskite structure on the alumina support. The catalytic activity for propane oxidation strongly depended on the preparation method, and the perovskite catalysts deposited in the inside pore of alumina exhibited higher activity than those deposited on the outside pore of alumina. The surface area of perovskite oxides on support was quantitatively evaluated by temperature-programmed desorption of CO2. The trend for the surface areas of LaMnO3 on γ-Al2O3 estimated by the method was consistent with the trend of the rate for complete propane oxidation normalized by catalyst weight, whereas the rate normalized by the surface area of perovskite oxide was almost independent of the dispersion, crystallite sizes, and deposition methods. The activity of LaMnO3/Al2O3 with the intrapore deposition was almost independent of calcination temperatures ranging from 650 to 1000 °C, in marked contrast with the extrapore deposition catalysts, whose activities greatly decreased with increasing calcination temperatures. For the intrapore deposition catalysts, the highest activities were obtained when the loading level was 20 wt % and decreased with a further increase in the loading level. At high loading levels (40 wt %), extrapore deposition of LaMnO3 on the intrapore deposition catalysts improved their activities for propane oxidation.

ジャーナルBulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
出版ステータス出版済み - 2015

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