Proposed space experiments of space tether technology

Hironori A. Fujii, Chikatoshi Satoh, Koh Ichiro Oyama, Susumu Sasaki, Yoshiki Yamagiwa, Mengu Cho, Tohru Hada, Masayoshi Y. Tanaka, Masaaki Inutake, Jean Pierre Lebreton, Alain Hilgers, Juan Sanmartin, Marrio Charro, Michiel Kruijff, Erick J. Van Der Heide, Giuliano Vannaroni, Les Johnson, Paul Wilbur, George V. Khazanov

    研究成果: 会議への寄与タイプ学会誌査読


    This paper is to introduce two space tether experimental projects including; 1) a sounding rocket experiment in a ballistic flight extending 1km bare tape tether, and 2) a small satellite experiment on a circular orbit with the altitude 600km extending 20km electro-dynamic tether. The sounding rocket experiment employs bare electro-dynamic tether for the following two missions, one is much fundamental to make measurement on the bare tether, and the other is to use the bare tether as an atmospheric probe. The small satellite proposal is to verify the fundamental technology for such important tether technology as deployment and use of bare conductive tether in space. The objective is to verify the two fundamental and important aspects of the tether technology including the orbit elevation without using fuel, and the Alfven wave experiment. These two projects towards space tether experiments are introduced in the paper and discussed in detail including the present status for the accomplishment of these projects. The paper will also include discussion of the further future plan to accomplish the space tether technology which will play an important role for our future space activity.

    出版ステータス出版済み - 12月 1 2005
    イベントInternational Astronautical Federation - 56th International Astronautical Congress 2005 - Fukuoka, 日本
    継続期間: 10月 17 200510月 21 2005


    その他International Astronautical Federation - 56th International Astronautical Congress 2005

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