Protein network inference from multiple genomic data: A supervised approach

Y. Yamanishi, J. P. Vert, M. Kanehisa

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Motivation: An increasing number of observations support the hypothesis that most biological functions involve the interactions between many proteins, and that the complexity of living systems arises as a result of such interactions. In this context, the problem of inferring a global protein network for a given organism, using all available genomic data about the organism, is quickly becoming one of the main challenges in current computational biology. Results: This paper presents a new method to infer protein networks from multiple types of genomic data. Based on a variant of kernel canonical correlation analysis, its originality is in the formalization of the protein network inference problem as a supervised learning problem, and in the integration of heterogeneous genomic data within this framework. We present promising results on the prediction of the protein network for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae from four types of widely available data: gene expressions, protein interactions measured by yeast two-hybrid systems, protein localizations in the cell and protein phylogenetic profiles. The method is shown to outperform other unsupervised protein network inference methods. We finally conduct a comprehensive prediction of the protein network for all proteins of the yeast, which enables us to propose protein candidates for missing enzymes in a biosynthesis pathway. Availability: Softwares are available upon request.

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